We engaged Carlos from FSI to help out with the renovation for our new house. Both my partner and I agreed that it was the best decision that we have made.

Before meeting Carlos, we met 2 other IDs from other firms. They seemed helpful, but we felt that they were using the same formula that could be applied for any other house.

During the initial meeting with Carlos, we could tell that he was genuinely interested in designing a space just for us. He truly listened and came up with brilliant ideas that we would never have imagined ourselves.

When we met the second time, Carlos presented to us a carefully planned wardrobe, designed with our professions and lifestyle in mind. It was amazing to me, as we have yet to commit to him, but he was willing to take the risk to spend the time and effort to design from scratch for us.

We felt that Carlos was reliable and hardworking from our two visits, and decided to sign with him thereafter. Even then, he was not pushy with payment and allowed us space to carefully consider before finalising our contract.

Throughout the planning period, Carlos met all the deadlines and took care of everything for us. The renders were well presented, and we were really excited with his designs. He managed to help us fit everything we wanted into our compact home, while balancing our interests and needs.

Furthermore, the contractors that FSI work with were extremely professional, and their quotes were all reasonable. Carlos personally joined us for all our visits to various contractors (eg lighting, sanitary) to give his input, and we could tell that he had a good rapport with all his vendors. Seeing that, it put our minds at ease, as the vendors themselves assured us that they would do a good job, for we are clients of FSI and Carlos.

As my partner and I are often overseas for work, Carlos was really a blessing to us during the actual renovation period. Since we were unable to visit the site often, he sent us regular updates on the progress on site. He was personally there on-site to oversee the works, and sent photo updates almost every other day.

No detail is too minor for Carlos, and he took care of almost everything. Things that my boyfriend and I would definitely have overlooked, were well taken care of by Carlos. He did minor touch-ups on areas on his own accord that he felt was necessary when we did not even realise the defects were there.

The quality of the finished product was also wonderful. The wood used for carpentry was thick and sturdy, so much so that my parents, who are usually critical, had nothing but praise for my TV consoles and wardrobes.

After handing over the house back to us, Carlos remained in close contact to make sure everything was fine after we moved in. When we mentioned we want some minor changes in carpentry, or hoping to reinforce one of the walls, he immediately arranged for his contractors to visit us within the same week.

Our house was only possible with Carlos and FSI, and we are so grateful to have found them. My friends have all asked for the contact of my ID from me as most of them are waiting for their houses to be completed, and I will not hesitate to recommend FSI and Carlos to anyone that I know.