I experienced 2 types of IDs. One who is too aggressive stuffing their ideas into you. The latter too passive whom can’t work without inputs from owners. Suki Piah was able to dance between the two, guiding us into the design we wanted. She is well versed in the wide range of design themes. Helping us with the purchase of all the household accessories. Simple it may sounds, it is really comforting and a huge load off for first-time house owners.
Suki constantly keeps us updated on the progress of the Reno works and is always contactable.

I-Chapters workmanship is top notch. Electrical works, floor tiles, vinyl, false wall and many more. Especially the carpentry. I would say is flawless. Kudos to the team.

Suki is very passionate about her job. You can feel enthusiasm overflowing in her. But one will only thrive in a positive working environment which of course is created by the boss. Their office which is also their showroom is beautifully done up. Exhibiting their workmanship and design ideas.

In short
Great boss + competent ID + good workmanship = I-Chapter