My fiancé and I first came to know of Suki through some website. She immediately struck us as very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with despite her apparent youth compared to other interior designers. Even though we had not yet signed any contract with her during the initial stages while we were looking for quotations from various interior designers, whenever we met her, she would speak of the project with ownership, as though she was personally invested in it already.

Suki was in the process of changing firms when we met her, but her warmth and expertise led us to keep in contact with her until she settled down at The Interior Lab (TIL). TIL’s price would ultimately prove to be in the region of about $3000-4000 more expensive than the nearest competitor (for a $60,000 renovation of a 28 year old 4-room resale HDB flat to a minimalist Scandinavian theme), although Suki assured us that the difference in price was due to the high quality of work that the company put in.

Truth to be told, at that time, every company that we sought quotes from told us that they had a high quality of work so this did not sway us to sign with Suki and TIL. What did was that Suki remained the interior designer that we could communicate best with at the end of the day, remaining transparent about the budget and the limitations of the project while keeping us updated on promotions on better quality materials, and helping us cut down on unneeded costs, never hard-selling us any product, a trait that we considered very valuable and well worth the price difference.

As it turned out, Suki remained unfailingly diligent and patient throughout the duration of the project, although sometimes we took a frustratingly long time to make up our minds about certain design details. Suki even stayed in contact with us when we or she went overseas. She visited the site often and kept close control of the different sets of workers (contractor / carpenter / plumbers etc) that came through the house.

Most importantly, she addressed each of our concerns no matter how small, never promising unrealistic perfection or brushing our comments under the carpet, but always assuring us that if we had concerns about the workmanship, we could contact her.

Ultimately, as she promised, Suki and TIL did in fact deliver a stunning product that my fiancé and I love, with the assured high quality of work. Even when we inspected the house before the final handover and found small discrepancies here and there, Suki and her team were highly responsive and remedied these stains / flaws quickly and capably. She remains responsive to our messages during the current warranty period

In conclusion, Suki and TIL form a potent combination which, despite the relatively higher price compared to other IDs in the market, provides both high quality of work and remarkable customer service which we, as first time home owners, appreciate a lot.