After comparing with 4-5 ID firms and contractors, we found that Starry homestead’s price was really competitive, they also make their quotes based on premium materials like Blum which some contractors did not but still manage to have a higher apple to apple price.

We signed the deal during their event and received a $2000 discount and a Christmas gift from a spinning wheel lucky draw.

Overall, our ID Lea was very attentive and always replies to our queries and get back to us in good time. She uses mandarin to communicate verbally but we found that when using WhatsApp it is fine when we communicated in English.

Lea has strengths and weaknesses. Her main weakness would be original design skills to propose (which was not a problem for us as my wife had already found photos online of what she wants).

Her strengths would be her scheduling, flexibility and especially practicality, if something we want is not practical she would advise accordingly and make recommendations.

I heard that many companies once you have made 95% of the payment you will start to have an MIA uncontactable ID or contractor that does not want to fix problems as they already have the bulk of the money. We did not have that issue with Lea and I really feel I am fortunate.

Lea is also customer-centric and as such when we have any workmanship issues she would always side with us and get their contractor to make good the issues. Do note that when it comes to choosing of quartz, laminate and floor tiles she would strongly encourage you to go pick it yourself as she wants to make sure they start working with exactly what you want so as not to have any costly dispute.

All in all, I am satisfied with my home after choosing Lea. I would recommend anyone to Lea when:

1)There is an event at starry homestead for discounts
2) you already sourced the internet for what you want your house to look like
3) you want answer to your queries fast within 24 hours
4) you want someone to help you manage all the miscellaneous stuff like scheduling and managing of contractors.