We worked with Brandon and Adrian and I must say they make a good pair. Brandon was our point of contact. Our initial reaction was that they seemed very young, especially Brandon, but we were pleasantly surprised by the good work attitude and pride in his work that Brandon showed. He created a whats app group with my husband and me and Adrian so we received updates as and when needed and it also allowed us to ask queries. Brandon was never too busy or unavailable. We needed our home to be functional, something that would be suitable for my elderly mother-in-law who is in her eighties and uses the wheelchair. It also needed to suit our grandchildren, 4 years and 10 months old. We received useful suggestions and advice on the materials we can consider for the flooring, something that will be safe for both the elderly and young ones. We wanted our home to be cheerful and bright so Brandon helped us with that too. All ideas were run by us, modifications discussed and almost all our requests were considered and taken up. Their team of workers were all very professional and good at what they were doing. We went in to check on the works many times along the way and at no point was there anything that made us too worried. If at all there was anything, Brandon was just a call or text away to clarify. We are very happy with our home now. I am especially happy with my kitchen that has turned out just the way I wanted!