Happened to chance upon Inspire ID & got Austin Sia as our chosen ID. We were struggling to choose in between many IDs but I’m glad we picked Austin. He attracted us with his value-added service which he promised us at the beginning and also consistently helped to keep up with our requests and demands during the planning phase. I love the carpentry work as the carpenters were dedicated & paid attention to every request that I made as I’m quite a perfectionist. Although we did not do much carpentry the quality of my wardrobe and kitchen, I can’t help but give thumbs up! Even when I requested for glass frosted glass doors for the toilets, Austin gave us better quality & newer design to fit into our scandinavian industrial theme.

On the other hand, the electrician were also dedicated and helped us install any other miscellaneous accessories without any complaints. There weren’t many mishaps during the renovation and we could also quickly move in fast thanks to Austin’s commitment too. He gave his professional advice as well and made sure all were taken care of without us having to worry while being at work.