My wife and I would like to dedicate our sincere thanks to James, Denyse, Vincent, Alvin and all the other sub cons who worked on our home for the past 2/3 months over the Xmas, new year, CNY and now the COVID-19 period.

James, I have never seen dedication, responsibility, passion and professionalism displayed in any ID whom I’ve worked or conversed before. You are a rare breed and should be a leading example to any and all ID(s) out there in the industry. Others may say that because you are a partner to your company so you will go the extra mile for your clients, but I’ve come across bosses of other ID firms which do have even display a quarter to the qualities you display. Keep up the good fight in work and health my friend. You’ve earned my highest recommendation to anyone out there who needs an ID to recommend. In fact, in him, you can trust the delivery of satisfactory work and more.

Denyse and Vincent, I thank you for your valuable inputs and recommendations in the process of my renovation. Although we didn’t have as much of discussions, I felt the sincerity and dedication whenever you guys are around sharing concerns and supervising of your sub cons and those of mine which you are not obliged to assist in any liason work but you did. Thank you being there.

Lastly, Alvin, the wizard of carpenters. Without your meticulousness, I couldn’t have achieved the art piece which James designed along with the feature wall customed around my SONOS equipment. Thank you for your magic.