Engaged Sebrina as my ID a while back and I’m Glad I made the right choice. I’ve to be honest I was a bit hesitant when I first saw her, young vibrant girl, I’m thinking to myself, sure no experience. But the way she talked, I can feel her sincerity. She asked me and my wife for a bit of time and give her a chance to do a little bit of brief drawing on our layout. After around an hour, we went back to her again and she ran through the layout with us, explaining in detail which part of my house is for what (of cos that’s Subject to our preference). I’d say I’m quite impressed with her, so is my Wife. We gave her the nod. Months later, we received our sketches and also had a view of the entire layout. What amazes me is we only did tell her we Wan what kinda theme and she produced a few for us to choose from. Till date, we are still very proud of our house designed by Sebrina! Don’t judge a book by its cover, old doesn’t always mean gold.