We are very happy and privileged to engage Jeff and Jeanie from Space Atelier for our recent project (completed successfully on Aug 2016).
Jeff and Jeanie impressed us with the following:

1. Attitude and Service
a. We have absolute peace of mind knowing that we can trust Jeff or Jeanie. In addition, we can contact them anytime /day if we have questions.
b. They are always there to give us advice if needed (on what matches and what not, what to buy or not to buy from online shopping etc.).
c. Their advice is very professional and practical. As a result, we ended up asking them to recommend the curtain supplier, lights and fan supplier and even the house mover!
d. We also asked Jeff and Jeanie to help us install additional fixtures like toilet rack etc. and this is arranged based on good will FOC too!

2. Design talent and experience
a. We wanted a look that is aesthetically pleasing while functional and practical (with lots of hidden storage) at the same time.
b. Jeff listened and came out with fresh design concept with creative strokes of bold colour combination that we have never seen before. The choice of dark grain wood provided a sense of class and sophistication and contrast well with a lighter patterned tone.
c. We are so happy we trusted his design proposal as the final result is simply stunning! We loved every aspect of it!

3. Creative problem solving
a. We are amazed that when we told Jeff of a problem in the prefabricated kitchen door cabinet, he did not brush it off (as this was not provided by him).
b. Instead, he helped to come out with a very creative idea to make part of the dining bench movable and offer to re-fabricate part of the cabinet door to ensure we can access the storage space of the wooden cabinet.
c. Not only that, he took the trouble to contact the laminate supplier to get the specific wood laminate pattern to match the rest of the kitchen cabinet perfectly. We are amazed at his attention to detail!
d. It is good to know that all these are done based on good will without extra cost to us and this is just one of the many things Jeff and Jeanie helped us beyond their call of duty.

4. Project Management
a. Every project has its moments of hiccup but luckily for us, there is no major hiccup. We are able to proceed very smoothly according to schedule.
b. If there is a potential delay/ major work completed, Jeff or Jeanie make it a point to update and inform us promptly as well.
c. Our renovation process is literally a breeze.

5. Quality of work
a. In addition to excellent service, we are also impressed with the quality of the carpentry work and glass work in general.
b. Great care is taken for the internal furnishings as well and there are predrilled extra holes in the cabinet if requested so that we can adjust the shelf height.
As a final word, we are delighted to have engaged Jeff and Jeanie for our renovation as they have now transformed our house into a home we love and cherish dearly. We learned that developing a good relationship with our ID is paramount to a successful renovation – and that means having the ability to listen on both sides and make the necessary compromise at times when needed. If you can do that, you will probably get more than what you bargain for.
Thank you Jeff and Jeanie once again for the great work and experience we had with Space Atelier. You are the best! Cheers!