My husband and I would like to thank Eddie Wong for the really long hours and hard work that he has put in in getting us into our new home before Christmas. When we originally started our search for a renovation firm, we already had a lot of ideas of what we wanted ( lots of pinterest boards!) as we had been waiting for our new home for 4 years. Out of all the companies/Interior decorators that we had shortlisted, Eddie we selected Eddie and I-chapter due to his ability to play-back our ideas on concept drawings as well as the technicalities of the renovation. ( My husband is an engineer by profession so it was also very important for us that our ID was able to talk and deliver to his level). Our other criterias for shortlisting was also based on price as well as ability to get us moved in before Christmas.

We started our search in August , selected Eddie in late september and by the end of October, we had received the keys to our new home. Receiving the keys to our new home was delayed by 2 to 3 weeks vs what we had planned which meant that Eddie, had to do a lot of work in the background (eg, get approval for engineering drawings, start booking carpenters) so that as soon as we got our keys, all the workmen were ready to go.

As with any renovation we had expected a few hiccups along the way and they certainly did occur. However, what my husband and i were most impressed by was Eddie’s ability to mobilise and turn around services from different suppliers / workmen to both execute and rectify within a very short amount of time. Eddie is also incredibly responsive and above all, takes responsibility and ownership of all issues ensuring that they are worked through and brought to conclusion.

We were also keenly aware that we were renovating over a holiday period leading up to Christmas and resources may not be available but magically, Eddie and i-chapter were able to turn it around for us.

It is now Christmas eve of 2016 and I am happy to say that Eddie delivered his promise to get us into our Dream home on time! I would absolutely recommend Eddie Wong to anyway starting their renovation journey and thank him for all of his hard work, long hours and dedication!