We have seen 4 other IDs and nothing beats Tommy’s professionalism and experience in home design. Our home renovation was smooth sailing with him leading the contractors, providing fantastic design; storage solution and most importantly provided us with an excellent choice of materials within the given budget. Workmanship for the cabinets is excellent too!

Tommy was very responsible while overseeing the whole renovation process. Due to a busy schedule, we hardly could visit the site weekly. Tommy diligently provided us with progress updates via WhatsApp and solved all the problem arises (eg, HDB paperwork, liaising with HDB on cement screeding, electronics installation etc) on behalf of us.

We only managed to visit the site TWICE during the whole 5 weeks Reno, and the next thing we saw, the house was already in MOVE-IN condition! Tommy made sure that every part of the house is clean and there’s no need to engage extra party to clean up the mess.

Tommy is such an angel, we sincerely thankful for his contributions and dedication towards making our dream home a reality. Everything in the new house is perfect! Will definitely recommend him to everyone looking for the perfect ID.