Renovation started on 26 May 15. Guess what? The renovation was a nightmare and still on going . I am glad I have kept all the WhatsApp conversations and photographs for their unprofessional dealings. I was almost charged for a water pipe/water leakage that was caused during the renovation and that was under Town council purview to change but was insisted by the ID. Lucky I went to called up the town council myself. Few days ago, the electrician came over and cut of my new fiber line and did a ridiculous box up . I was supposed to have a gas cylinder placed under the kitchen stove and guess what again? They went to did shelving at the gas cylinder area. Oh! The ID still informed me that I can removed it by myself when it’s fixed to the cabinet. So many failures going on . Eg: box up unbalance , rubbish chute damaged by the workers and asked them to patch up but I have to bare for the cost when they did the damages? Lols!? Not forgetting that I was informed that the quotation did not include plastering and out of “good faith”the ID actually plaster the kitchen for me. Now he is going to charge me $750 for the plastering. Wow. I know I am a girl. But don’t bully me like that leh. Wanna eat my money also not like that la? Wait. Actually not only me. Look at the number of bad reviews u had. Who is the CEO of this company? Is there any? Lols!