I had a very pleasant experience with Senior Designer Jessie.
Engaged her at first with quite a ridiculously low budget to renovate our 4R resale unit (given that we had quite alot of things we want to do hahaha) but she is very humble & still give us 100% attention & effort to work something out for us.
Her attention to details & sense of aesthetics is of another level. She will take care of things we overlooked & got it rectified immediately even if its the smallest smallest defect. Her respect for her job & going through that extra mile to make sure everything is as perfect as she can achieve is something we are very impressed about.
Jessie is a very friendly & patient lady. She will attend to us at any time of the day & never once make us wait long for replies to our endless enquiries. We did not have to worry about the renovation at all as she will constantly update us on the progress of the work.
We did exceed our budget eventually (which is to be expected since we revamped almost the whole house hahaha) but looking at the end results, i would say the money spent is totally worth it. We received alot of compliments from friends & family saying our home looks beautiful & it seems like the reno worth alot more than what we paid for, which to me, is the highest compliment to get as a home owner & i feel very grateful to Jessie.
Overall me & my husband is very happy with the result, service & designs provided by Jessie & i highly recommend her to everyone who is looking to having a beautiful home.
P/S : There are many of my friends who asked for Jessie’s contact after seeing my home. Faster engage her before she gets too many projects on hand 🤣🤣