I would highly recommend Lucas from Weiken for several reasons that are further elaborated below.

Affordable Pricing. I believe this to be the most important aspect all homeowners are cognisant about. Lucas was clear and transparent with all prices. In fact, he would often help us negotiate prices directly with suppliers to ensure we got discounts not available to the general public. Kylie and I sought many quotes from other IDs and even directly from contractors themselves, but none could beat Lucas’s pricing. Choosing to work with Lucas was a solid decision financially. When friends and family come to see my house, they always overestimate the price I paid for the renovation by 30-40k, which speaks wonders of the value Lucas helped me unlock.

Beautiful Design. Every person that walked into my new house was blown away with the beautiful and contemporary design Lucas came up. Many hours of discussions and dozens of changes to the design later, we had a beautiful home we are so proud to show off to friends and family. Lucas is truly blessed with the gift of design. I’m not surprised he’s won so many ID contests on Channel 8.

Detail Orientated. Every project is bound to have some defect, but not every ID will come to project every other day to supervise the workers and check for defects. In fact, the day the work was completed, Lucas basically scoured the house for defects from top to bottom, finding areas for touch-ups and alterations. Our house is more perfect than I ever thought possible.

Connection. It is important that you are able to connect with your ID, to ensure ideas and concepts are passed effectively from peer to peer. Lucas is a master of interpersonal communication. He sits down and listens to your ideas and seeks ways to improve them. He was always only a message away, and his replies were really quick. Regardless of the time, he would answer queries and action on instructions. Working with Lucas made this stressful renovation seem almost seamless. I never had to worry about a thing.

Peace of Mind. Finally, choosing Lucas allowed me to focus on my work and family. I never had to worry about a bill shock, a defect, poor designs or communication. I was always certain I was getting the best value for dollar for the best possible design.

Efficient. My condo of almost 1000sq feet was completed within 2 months. That included hacking down walls, floors, ceilings and redoing all the plumbing and electrical works. How Lucas did it within 2 months blows my mind, what is better is that I cannot even find any defects despite already moving in for 2 weeks! How efficient and good is that!

I highly highly recommend Lucas from Weiken. I myself was a sceptic and convinced from the start that just getting a contractor would be the best option. However, this experience with Lucas has convinced me otherwise. Looking at how my friends struggled with their own renovations, I can say with certainty that choosing Lucas to manage your renovation would be the best decision you could ever make. Thank you Lucas for the time and effort you poured into my project.