Without Shawn even asking for this review, I suppose it is only fair that I put a review up, a positive one.

Out of the ten ID that we interviewed for our condo renov, 8 are salesman which just get your floor plan, get a quick job done with the 3D plans and then quickly put up a quote, sit down with you asap (and not really taking in your needs and wants), and try to impress by quotes and 3D images.

For these 8, for any needs or wants from us, either it is “everything also can”, or “everything also not good if deviated from their proposal, without giving a convincing reason”.

The remaining two is Museworks and another ID, which in our opinion are true ID and not a sales person.

We love the design works of both id, and especially Shawn (that is why we settled on Shawn eventually) because of:
1) His expertise and advice which are sound and also the beautiful design
2) Clean design
3) Very reasonable cost, initially we thought that he is specialized in landed property thus either would not work on condo project, or might be too pricey. We are proven wrong, gladly that we approached him.
4) His considerations and inputs which are valuable, for customizing to our need of having a piano oriented unit whilst not sacrificing the other space. He is the only ID that came out with the bold idea which is very outstanding when the final reno is done.
5) good material selection (and advice for these selections), and also good outcome
6) good follow up on the project and delivered whatever that is promised.
7) the dealing and updates have been professionally conducted.

Highly recommended and I would say the whole experience is satisfying, as compared to the horrific experience of some of my friends that engaged id firms of sales persons.