Finally got my bachelor pad – 3-rooms flat in June and the official handover in Oct. In between, I has met few IDs to consult on my ideal design for the flat. During the engagement, it was basically stretching the drawings on the floorplan/white A4 paper before finally came to quotation (dollars & cents). However, I am not totally convinced hence I kept a look out until I chanced upon key concept adv on FB which I initiated for a discussion. Anna was the ID that being assigned, and we exchanged ideas & previous portfolios done by Anna. By the end of the 1st meeting, I decided to take up the offer for Anna to get back with a 3D drawing based on my requirements. (Not many IDs will dare to offer this option, only after signing of contract)

On the 2nd round of meet up, I was shown the 3D drawing and was pretty impressed or convinced by the proposed theme & layout, colour selections. In the end, I decided to work with Anna and was assured that I can trust on her to deliver this project. During the whole renovation phrase, Anna was always on the top of the details which she will keep me updated on the status. The whole coordination was executed in timely-order manner with minimum involvement from my end although there will definitely be instances, I will be need to be onsite to give the go-ahead.

Despite the tight schedule (due to year-end and CNY) and minor changes to the initial proposed design, the whole renovation was able to complete smoothly and not much hiccups. During the defects checking at the handover, there were nothing much that I can pick on except those nitty-gritty which was part & parcel during any renovation. This was made possible due to the good quality of works from the recommended suppliers: electrical, plumbing, air-con, carpentry, windows/door plus the constant monitoring from Anna.

Throughout this period, Anna has become my trustworthy advisor even for my selection of house furniture, decorations to bring out the aesthetics of the house theme. The key success factors of renovation are about communication, patient, responsible, quick problem solving which I found in Anna.

I sincerely would like to thank Anna & key Concept for the transformation of my house and will not hesitate to recommend them for any home projects.