This is a review of the professional ID services rendered by Liz Ng, from @ Oxley Bizhub 2.

Here’s the short version:
Communications: 5 / 5 (Concise, Responsive, Unencumbered, Professional)
Quality: 5 / 5 (2 years warranty; Very satisfied with final outcome; Special kudos to carpentry master Mr. Nono)
Price: 4 / 5 (Not the cheapest nor the most expensive, Value for money due to Quality 5 / 5)

Here’s the long one…

Part I – Pre-Selection and evaluation
Prior to choosing Weiken, I’ve sought out 5 firms.

I’ve have a general idea of what I wanted in terms of theme, layout, features and budget for my small 2-rm flexi BTO unit and all 5 firms gave a mockup that looked more or less the same (due to the limited size and general fengshui constraints). Price-wise, Liz gave a quote that isn’t the cheapest nor the most expensive.

A round of elimination 6 weeks later, it came to “communications” as the final deciding factor. Liz has displayed patience and uncanny understanding of what I wanted. She would pull out “millions” of pictures from her phone (portfolio) to show exactly what she meant when she tries to explain what certain colours or features look like.

Part II – Design phase and selection of materials
You get 3 chances for your 3D renders;
Liz made that clear during the selection phase.
First iteration is based on what you imagined and communicate to the ID what your house will look like, 2nd iteration to make changes to what didn’t came out as imagined and final iteration to reflect your selection of colours and materials.

With the initial renders out, it’s time to go shopping for materials.

Materials here refers to essentials such as kitchen sink, toilet sink, shower set & accessories, curtains, smart home switches and the likes. These are not included in the reno quote in case anyone is wondering.

Liz has a working relationship with the supplier she recommends and you can see that their rapport is very good. In due diligence, I’ve researched and checked that the prices are all fair and competitive, so I was contented to buy most of the items from the recommended vendor, except for a few specific items which they don’t carry (e.g. my ceiling fan / lights) and certain appliances which I wanted to buy elsewhere (washing machine, fridge, hob and hood etc).

Part III – During the renovations and final outcome
Arranged and went on-site the very next day I collected my keys. Liz brought along the electrician. Based still on the 2nd 3D render, we quickly got the electrical works sorted out. Peng (the electrician) was very thorough and was also very quick and responsive to accomodate to changes and provide quotation. Very efficient.

Despite the covid situation, my reno duration didn’t really take that long. There was a slight delay in getting some of the intermediate work done, but it wasn’t in the critical path and thus didn’t affect the overall schedule.

Another benefit of buying most of the materials from the recommended supplier is she seamlessly arranged to have the items come in when it is required. All very timely and again efficient.

Liz communicated timely to me about the schedule of work planned and I get to time exactly when to get my furniture and other barang barangs in. Everything moved according to clockwork and before the final handover, I already had 75% of my stuffs brought in. Small defects were quickly fixed in the same day as handover. And in no time, with the auspicious date picked (a week later), I moved in. The outcome? See for yourself in the pictures (taken on the day of handover).

I’m very pleased with how it all turned out.

Due to character limitations, many details were omitted.
Hopefully through this limited sharing, it helps with your own reno journey.
All the best!