Met our ID Chris through a friend’s recommendation and decided to engage him after consulting a few others in the end. It was genuinely one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made.

We got along with him very well from our first meeting as we like how he really listened to our needs and then make recommendations accordingly. Unlike some IDs, he was never pushy and would respect our ideas. Most importantly, he tailored the plan according to our budget.

Our reno journey (1 month plus) was extremely smooth sailing with no major problems encountered. We credit that to Chris’s work attitude and job efficiency! He constantly kept us updated with pictures and would always communicate with us to clear any questions or doubts we had. This was a major satisfactory point for us as my husband and I travels a lot for work. Chris really made us felt very assured that everything was going on smoothly back home.

Besides, we are very pleased with the workmanship of our carpentry and tile works 👍🏻👍🏻 Chris did patiently explain to us about the pros and cons of having a herringbone tile design and we chose to go ahead despite knowing the risk that there might be some sharp edges. However, to our delight, the tiles were laid perfectly with no such issues and we could feel that he was genuinely very satisfied with the outcome as well.

Overall, we would 100% recommend Chris as he had shown us his sincerity to work alongside with us to create this perfect little house for us. His integrity is extremely commendable as he would always come on-site to QC his workers’ job in person and would rectify anything that is not up to standard without us asking 👍🏻! Good Job 👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for making our reno journey so enjoyable and stress-free knowing that we can trust and count on you!