It’s not easy in this industry. Charmaine was particular on design. I needed things to be functional and well thought through. Both of us were always worried about the budget. An unenviable trifecta of requirements to fulfil. Add to that, we were committing a large sum of money to people we just met and were being typically nosy and questioning. Eric and Kate managed it all superbly.

The journey was enjoyable.
3D drawings were pretty. Discussing design options even at midnight as well as pros & cons of each tweak was fun (for us). Seeing our home accessories and furnishing arrive in large solid crates and getting an update of “unpacking and assembly done” was heavenly, as anyone who has tried assembling a cabinet from Ikea will attest.

The destination was rewarding.
Maybe the biggest fear of any homeowner would be something on the 3D turning out garish in real life and being stuck with it. Didn’t happen to us. My guess is, this is not an easy skill to master.

A good way to wrap up would be, me and Charmaine did the entire renovation by ourselves, without lifting a finger. That’s the level of collaboration Eric and Kate provides.

We recommend working with them on the all-inclusive styling package to harness the full potential of your home. It costs more, but certainly makes a difference.

Thanks Eric, Kate and hope we weren’t too much trouble 😉