Derrius Koh from Weiken has been a wonderful ID for us. We picked Derrius out of the other 2 interior designers we approached because he was professional and sincere. During the design stage, we’ve been through several rounds of discussions and made many changes along the way. Changes were still being made even after the artist impression was finalised. Derrius had been very accommodating and patient throughout with many of our last-minute ideas and demands. He respected them and offered advice such as pros of cons to our ideas. We took in a lot of good suggestions from him along the way to perfect our design.

Derrius provided us with a detailed work schedule when renovation works started, he also gave constant updates on the renovation progress. He was able to stick to the tight schedule proposed and when necessary, make arrangements to accompany us down to buy bathroom accessories and tiles. Adjustments during renovations were unavoidable as it is challenging to visualise dimensions agreed on paper. Greatly appreciate the effort Derrius made in accommodating to our request and communicating it to the various contractors promptly so changes can be ratified on site. He was a problem solver and did not dismiss those changes but rather provided practical solutions for us.

Derrius is also willing to go the extra mile meeting us after dinner due to our work schedule. Many of our follow-up discussions on carpentry and electrical works dragged all the way till midnight. We were glad that all the hard work paid off. The workmanship quality was excellent and renovation work had been delivered on time and within budget.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our new home. I would highly Derrius to anyone who is looking for a good ID.