I am extremely disappointed and angry with WEIKEN and I really regretted to have engaged them. My experience with your service is a nightmare!! During the process of the renovation job, there were multiple delays and I had to keep calling Sunny and Hilda to make sure they are making progress with the renovation. Otherwise, no work will be carried out at all. I am disappointed with their incompetency to plan their work properly, resulting in me wasting so much time making trips down to my new place to supervise the contractor to complete the job. Shouldn’t they have the sense of responsibility to serve their customer with efficiency, or at the very least, ID Hilda/Sunny (Project Manager) could have been stricter with her supervision. Your contractors are rarely punctual and sometimes, not even turning up! I must have been a downright fool to decide to engage WEIKEN, apparently, I seemed to have spent more time and effort supervising their progress than Hilda/Sunny did. On a side note, please advice your charges against taking too many jobs if they do not have the ability to cope with them. This would only result from them in spending meagre effort on each case, with no sincerity and integrity.

The electrical job was frequently delayed and my floor was even damaged by your workers. The painting job was also repeatedly postponed despite nearing the date of the scheduled completion and they had very bad workmanship. I moved in for only three months and guessed what happened yesterday? To my horror, the laminate of my kitchen cabinets started to pop out of place despite not doing any heavy cooking. I had done heavy cookings almost every day in my previous place, yet, all remained intact after a decade.

I sent a photo of my kitchen cabinet to Hilda, and she merely apologised and wanted to arrange a carpenter fix it, without any offer to come to my place to investigate the problem personally and suggesting a long-term solution to it. Her attitude towards me was perfunctory, and she gave me an impression that such problems are nothing surprising to her. Probably, such problems are very common to her due to her poor quality of service! By asking a carpenter to fix it repeatedly, it is definitely going to disrupt my daily schedule as it is highly cumbersome. Furthermore, who is going to take responsibility for your poor quality of service after warranty is over should such a thing happen again? I hope that Hilda and Sunny are not covering up the mistakes made by the contractor. This would be extremely unfair to me as a customer.