We would like to leave a message to thank and commend Katherine Cher from DB Studio, who has managed to turn our 4-Room BTO into our dream home. Kat is a brilliant designer who managed to fit in various design elements and lots of storage into a beautiful and efficient space plan. Imagine a kitchen with 2 separate cooking areas, a dining area and a service yard in a 4 room flat without having to eat into any of the other rooms.

Kat is also very detail-oriented, and her experience helped us a lot during the renovation process. I recall going through multiple sets of drawings, the colour of laminates, placements of sockets, the type and size of lights to use. You will be surprised that sometimes the placement of one light can change the look of a room entirely. Kat has the eye and experience to make those small but critical design changes. Most importantly, Kat was very dedicated to the project and provided us with timely updates/pictures on the progress of works (even at the weekends).

Thank you very much. We truly enjoyed working with you.