We are first-time homeowners which have since gotten the keys from HDB under the BTO scheme.

After scrolling for numerous weeks, we kept stopping at projects that Authors did. The next thing we did was to contact Authors and asked who was the designer behind those project which really got our attention.

Authors replied: Tayllen. After reading the reviews and our decision was pretty fixed that Tayllen will be the one we wish to engage. However to our dismay, she could only meet us 3 to 4 months later for the 1st meetup due to her packed site schedule and was unable to take our project.

The best decision we’ve made was to wait for her and didn’t regret a single bit since.

The 1st very much anticipated meetup with Tayllen at their showroom finally came. Upon stepping in, the showroom gave an impeccable vibe and atmosphere which we really like. The classy, uncluttered yet sophisticated design was the impression we had. Tayllen was not a “yes sir, yes madam” designer – We told her our ideas that we wanted, she did turn some down and politely explained why so. This kind of truthful and professional design-driven attitude was what we appreciate. The last thing we want is for the designer to not have any input and went ahead with all we wanted.

Our reno started on Feb 20 and only completed on Oct 20, no thanks to Covid19. Throughout the reno, there were many hiccups such as manpower shortages, the government’s no start work ruling etc. Work was forced to stop during the circuit breaker, it was a super disheartening sight. However, throughout all the dismay, Tayllen was there ensuring us and updating us timely, we never really felt her absence.

In addition, Tayllen was very resourceful such as bringing us to several other places than the usual stores for tiles shopping, we went to like 6 different stores before finalizing our tiles. She also went the extra miles to come down to our furniture store when we couldn’t decide between two sofas from two different stores albeit her packed schedule, and I was very sure there was no commission involved as the furniture store wasn’t introduced by her.

Next, I would like to commend that she is firm on what is can accept and cannot accept, there is no “make do” even for the slightest issue when we raised up. She will inform her contractor and made sure it was rectified, else redo. Many of my family and friends would say I’m not easy to handle and deal with and will kick a fuss for just about any molehill. Tayllen handled every situation so well that I did not have to frown a single time throughout the whole renovation process! She discussed every possible way to solve the issue for us and she will make sure we are agreeable before implementing anything, even if it means she had to do extra work, delay the project or absorb the certain extra cost in some of her suggestion. She’s ethical and does things with the homeowner’s interest in mind, I can vouch for our case.

Tayllen has also eyes for details and does little things to make the reno a better one. For example, she will print notices to paste on the door indicating no smoking etc. Another occasion is that she actually spotted defects under the table which will never be known till date if she hasn’t spoken. These are all the little things which really made her stand out in my opinion.

The end product was of the highest satisfaction and the whole reno process was really enjoyable in our opinion. Tayllen and her work ethics was the main reason why.