Meticulous, Dedicated, Keen eye for details, Patience, Creative and 100% follow thru. You will never go wrong with Jeff. We were impressed by his honesty and willingness to share his opinions on the do’s and dont’s, the No and Yes, the why’s and what’s. We were most impressed by his enthusiasm about how our house will be transformed based on our discussions. He has demonstrated his abilities to ensure that it will be a dream house for us. As the renovation only started in late November 2017 plus it was a complete whole house renovation, we were well aware that it will not be a straightforward reno given that our entire house has huge fixed wooden structures that require custom made to measure. Fast forward, to our lovely surprise – Jeff handed over our completed house 1.5 weeks before CNY! It took Jeff and his entire Team just 2 months to complete and hand over to us! We, our friends and relatives were super impressed by the outstanding workmanship and the high-quality materials used for our reno. We are really proud homeowners of this house esp after how Jeff and his team transformed it using a modern contemporary theme. They have excellent service recovery and the turn around time is really faster than you can imagine. Our heartfelt appreciation to our ID Jeff Gan, Space Atelier and Team for making our dream home come true.