During the conceptualization of the project, Sherlyn was able to understand the style and requirement that we wanted for our new home. We had considered other IDs but eventually went with Sherlyn as we felt that she was able to grasp the concept that we were looking for. She was easy to talk to and was able to provide sound and practical solutions to some of our requirements.

Once the renovation process started, she and her team were able to execute very closely to the 3D design. Along the way, there were minor hiccups, but Sherlyn was able to provide solutions to help rectify these issues. Overall, we were quite satisfied with the workmanship. We were impressed with the level of response and customer service, during the post-renovation phase. Sherlyn was still very responsive and took responsibility to ensure that the work done was satisfactory and that defects were rectified.

Overall, we were glad that we chose Space Atelier and Sherlyn, and would recommend to our family and friends.