One year before we collected our keys, my husband and I were looking around for an ID. Luxespace was the first (in fact the one and only) ID firm we met. And that’s because we met Miki Soon. After our first meeting with her, we were sold. She was patient, honest, creative, talented, flexible and very friendly. She didn’t hard sell and told us to look around for comparison. We didn’t. A month later, we signed the paper works with her and left it in her good hands. That was the best decision we made as we saw how she transformed our house into a beautiful home. So why didn’t we look around and compare? Simply because we felt that we can trust Miki. And most importantly it is very important to choose a designer who understands what you need and want and who is very honest and upfront about everything. I think Luxespace is really fortunate to have a designer like her.