We came to Free Space Intent at a friend’s recommendation. After looking through the company’s portfolio we decided to give u a try. We engaged the ID, Irvin’s service, and very fortunately, we clicked right away.

She is very meticulous to details, able to grasp many of the ideas and concepts I had in mind (I am quite particular about many things and quite OCD). She was able to suggest appropriate changes and alternatives which are still in line with my original concepts and overcome some of the limitations that my original concept had, such as space limitations or practicality.

Irvin is very knowledgeable and experienced, often able to propose innovative ideas which suited our needs and preferences. Throughout the conceptualization, she always respected our ideas and did not attempt to stray away from them based on her own opinions. We had multiple rounds of 3D rendering before finally finalizing the designs and she never had any complaints.

During the renovation phase, Irvin always made sure that I get constant updates on the progress and the communication between her and contractors. She gave advance notice on potential delays and also tried her best to over-deliver in terms of deadlines and quality. She even helped to manage the neighbours who came to our house to complain about the dust and noises due to renovation.

Despite delays due to COVID, the renovation was only delayed very slightly. The company managed to get manpower from other sources and made a tremendous effort to complete the project as early as possible.

Overall a great experience with the company and Irvin despite the service and products slightly on the premium side but you pay for what you get. The project management was pretty smooth and gave us peace of mind so that we could focus on our work and wedding planning. I would definitely recommend Irvin and FSI especially if you are not entirely sure about how to go about the whole renovation process.