I am happy and thankful to have Winnie, Icon Chief Designer as my ID. She never fails to provide her professional opinion on how things should be done based on her years of experience. She has made a tedious process into a rather enjoyable and rewarding one from coming up with the house concepts to finally watching everything fall into place. Her sense of perfectionism has also helped to ensure that my house is in the best shape that it could possibly be in. She is extremely knowledgeable and not to mention well versed in the trades and tools of the industry and even by herself alone, she has been able to help me fix many minor issues that I have had with my new house. She also takes initiative to ensure that everything is as it should be and even if there is an error or mistake, she is quick to take proper measures to find a solution and fix the problem. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family or even anyone for that matter looking to hire an ID to help build their dream home.
Thanks Winnie! Keep up the good job!