We had settled on FSI after meeting up with numerous IDs. What won us over is that Leon and his team’s passion towards our project during the consultation stage. My wife and I can see that this is not just a business deal to them but something that they will be committed and take pride in. We are glad that we made the choice of leaving our house in their good hands. During the renovation period, not only did they keep to the schedule but they also embraced some of the changes to the design that we wanted to make along the way. Leon and his team also went beyond their scope of work to advise us on furnishings, decorations and even joined us when we had mural artists working on our walls. While I had heard many nightmarish stories of poor follow-up services by IDs, FSI still stick closely with us till today. The team has followed up promptly on reasonable defects and rectifications that we highlight to them. We are really blessed that we have such a wonderful experience with them and will recommend anyone who is looking out for an ID for your dream house to have a chat with them!