I engaged Eva Lau for a modern luxury theme for my resale condo. Eva typically does bigger projects (super senior designer in Weiken) but she was gracious to accept my small project (only feature wall and cabinet carpentry) and she has done such an excellent job!!

She has very good design sense and knows what I want, also she gives good suggestions on overall design and colour. Despite not doing painting works and floor decking through her, she spent time suggesting colours and paint types. Eva is honest and on time, she delivers what she promises and I literally did not need to worry on project timeline.

The quality of carpentry is excellent and Eva ensures that quality work is delivered. She will work with the vendors to ensure all issues are rectified and were willing to help out in minor areas that were not part of the contract. To quote my friends who worked with other IDs and saw my completed home, they were very impressed and to quote them ” The ID has good design sense” and “carpentry quality and material used is great”. I am a proud and pleased owner because of the good work Eva has delivered. Highly recommend her!