We’re glad we chose Inspire ID and got Angel as our designer. During the discussion period, she gave plenty of good ideas and suggestions and was very collaborative. She did not mind putting the extra effort to follow you down to shops and make frequent house visits. Her message response speed may be a little slow sometimes but you can rest assured she will get things done your way.

Even though the renovation took awhile, it was to ensure the utmost quality of materials and workmanship was used. Upon finishing, there were some minor dissatisfactions (cabinet hinges loose/ceiling light wiring not properly covered/scratched light switches due to renovation etc) but were very quickly remedied and/or repaired.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the overall quality of the renovation and the after-sale care. We thank our lucky stars that Angel and Inspire ID is not like the others (after reading about bad renovation experiences on various forums) and is truly a cut above the rest!