Among 3 of the other ID, we decided to choose jenny wang from tradehub of weiken as the final ID to do our renovation works, and it turned out this decision was supper correct! she is very detail-care ID, and very experienced, I can’t say enough great things about jenny! She listened to our concerns and was able to bring creative ideas to solve my design dilemmas as well as considering the practical needs, We are loving how it is turning out! All questions were addressed in a timely manner, the contractor met deadlines on time or early, and the project stayed within budget. jenny is such a warm person with abounding enthusiasm and a genuine love for what she does. Once we already agreed not to box up the partition wall to even the top of the kitchen door, ends up she does it for us for free, and the reason is she really can’t tolerance the uneven side of the wall, and we are deeply touched by how she cares to those of the details and feel grateful and lucky to have her as our ID, Highly recommend jenny.