My husband and I would like to say a big thank you to Jeon and his team for renovating our home.

We shortlisted a few IDs but chose Space Atelier because of Jeon. He is very patience and attentive to our needs/ wants. Most importantly, we felt comfortable working with him. As this our first flat, we weren’t very familiar with many things. Jeon would always be more than happy to give his advice on picking the right furniture and help amend the dimension of our cabinets to fit out stuff. Notwithstanding that, after the renovation was completed, he would call up and ask if everything was alright. When we have any issues, we could give him a call and he would get his guys to fix it. Kudos for that!

Hence, would definitely recommend Jeon as we believe he would do a good job. Many thanks Jeon for our cosy crib. 🙂