Thanks a million to our designer for doing our house reno.. it’s his sincerity that regained our confidence in engaging ID again as previously we had a bad experience from another company..

Really appreciate him for going an extra mile to find the particular laminate color for us even though there’s no contract obligation involved yet.. he put in his best in costing area & his professional recommendation has helped us to avoid unnecessary spending..

Communication is a key factor in renovation where he has displayed his abilities.. no stress in telling him every single bit of our requirements as he listens & delivers.. Plenty of patience from him in our long hours of discussion with my lengthy list of questions..

And his design is awesome which hardly need amendment for most of his 3D drawings.. Although some hiccups did happened during the actual work but he’s capable of solving them..

Good ID is hard to come by & we are lucky to have him helping us throughout.. highly recommended.. no regrets!