Words of caution before you scroll further. This is going to be a lengthy insight but an honest illustration of my reno journey. This is the 3rd renovation (All 3 renos are managed by different IDs from different companies) of my same unit, within a span of 7 years.

I just want the dream sketch of my home to be materialized and concretized. I want a hotel-themed home, while my husband strives for a smart-designed setting. Thus, we went for a romp of almost a year of ID-hunt to jigsaw our concept-synergy.

Joel from Weiken Tampines 1 branch stood out amongst all, after he exhibited patience, understanding, and most importantly commitment. We met countless times in a span of 6 months before the agreement was inked. Joel also did his homework before every meet-up to address our, at times, unique requests.

When the reno cycle begins, I am overly impressed with Joel’s management on my project and awed with his commitment in delivering quality service and product. In gist, I am deeply in love with my home now. Finally, my 3rd renovation, correspond to my long awaiting wants and thus completes the chapter of my dream-sketched home. Quality workmanship bridged with thoughtful-smart creative designs.

Weiken, you are really blessed to have a Service Ambassador, Joel. He had transcended from ID to a friend, where he is always there anytime, any day, every time and every day. (At times I do wonder whether does he take any days off or do he even sleep. His prompt replies are consistent even at 2 in the morning).

Hence, please relay my greatest, utmost appreciation to Joel in pursuing my dream home design and striving together as a friend. Thank you Joel for always making me assured during the whole reno process. Your commitment coupled with a “Can-Do” attitude is a real fighting spirit in making my project flawless.