The journey with I-Chapter has been astonishing. As newlyweds, we were concerned about picking the right ID as there were too many of those horror stories about bad workmanship and how some IDs were not exactly accommodating.

We fell in love with the work Suki and Clyde (our designers) gave when we met them for our first meeting in their office. We were further impressed by their initiative to provide a suggested layout plan of our home even before we ask what we would like to have.

The process before the start of the renovation work was done promptly and we were given an idea of how our house looked in 3D, and we easily made discussions despite our shift work.

Both of them were accommodating to our needs and answered to any concerns we have had throughout our renovation process. They assured us and remained contactable even during busy holidays and quick in handling last minute changes.

When we see the results of our dream home, we were really really happy with it. Suki has been very prompt to do the necessary corrective actions and they were all resolved quickly by her and her team.

To top it off, even after the handover, Suki was also prompt in her after sales service and has been following up with us from time to time.

Thanks Suki & Clyde, for making our dream home possible! This is really what we have envisioned, and more!