Ken was the last designer we’ve met after the long search and we’re so glad and grateful that we got to hire this man as our ID.

From the very first time we’ve met Ken, we knew that this is the guy that’s gonna turn our home into something that we could ever imagine. He came up with concept and ideas that we’ve never thought and we fell in love with it immediately! It didn’t even take us days to decide.

As it is our first home together, we wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. Ken has been tremendously helpful and great at what he does. Basically, he settles everything for us. All we need to do is tell him what you want, do a little bit of research and if all fails, he will make everything happen and all you need to do is fork out your money. Having said that, he would bring us around and be with us when we need to purchase items, and he will even try his best to get us some discounts and free gifts! (well you don’t always need them to follow you around but because we are very clingy like that and wanted the best for our home). And if you can’t afford what you wanted to get, he will give you other great options all within your budget.

We feel that Ken is a very knowledgeable person with experience. He would answer to all our queries, even some bimbotic questions he would entertain them all, and take the time to explain everything in detail and ensure that his clients understand. He would also try to work everything out within your budget to be able to help you achieve your dream home. 
All in all, Ken has been absolutely awesome and he has guided us throughout the whole journey with much knowledge and patience.

I personally cannot recommend this company highly enough. I think new homeowners will be amazed to have such a committed ID.

This review is nothing compared to the end product. Just look at his works once the photos are up and you will definitely want to hire him as your ID! In the mean time, please drop them a message/enquiry. It’s gonna be worth it!