Highly Recommend Our lovely (ID Catherine). We are extremely impressed with her workpiece done, it was so beautiful, cosy and accessible. Some of the ID will look down when you say that you are on a budget. Everybody knows most of the places are pushy on sales. She gives us a warm heart feeling and was so kind and understanding. IT DOESNT HARD SELL!!!!

At first, we had too many designs in our mind and sometimes people just want their home to be perfect yet due to space was not practical. The process of choosing was tedious, especially we don’t have any experiences. Along the way of matching the laminate for cabinet, kitchen and wall feature colours were so difficult due to matching. Hence she helps us to sot it out our ideas in mind with her knowledge given, which leads us to find our ideal theme. We are so lucky to have Catherine, she was responsible, extremely professional, willing to go extra mile service, being friendly and attention to detail, even a minor defect from HDB she also looks out for us. She assists us by engaging a group of contractors was so fantastic in their hand skill work.

In addition, she suggested accessories that are on trends which gives us more choices which help us save space, gives the whole house look more spacious and easy access. Throughout the project, she co-ordinates with all the contractors electrical, city gas, carpentry, painter and brings us to lighting shops. Happily shopping together and purchase goods that match the theme. She always keeps us update with the progress in WhatsApp, well communicate and it takes off my anxiety when approaching her for enquiry.

Aforementioned, everything went extremely smooth and whole renovation process within 4-5 weeks. Catherine was very efficient on, friendly to approach, my pleasure of engaged with her and felt so thankful for putting so much effort into it. Highly recommend Catherine 😃, especially for those first-timers who getting their new home and searching for Interior Designer.