After hearing all the mixed reviews from the popular renovation forum, we took our chance in selecting 3D innovation as our interior design & renovation company. The reason we chose them is that the quotation given to us is slightly lower than the other companies, due to some of the bundle demolition works.

Renovating a house is never an easy task.But we are lucky to engage Jensen Ling as our ID in Oct 2016. With his professional service, we managed to get our house completed earlier than the expected completion date.This is not all, the 3D designs and the real outcome are almost identical.

With the increasing number of foreign workers in Singapore we expected some China or Indian workers, but in 3D innovation, this is not true, all the workers are skilled Locals or Malaysians, who are willing to listen to your needs and feedback to our IDs and make any necessary changes promptly. All these contribute to quality workmanship.

Again all these happiness will not happen without the help of Jensen and his team, who are energetic and understanding. He even managed to find time to reply us on WhatsApp during his wedding and vacation! We strongly believe communication is one of the keys to a successful renovation.

Hope that Jensen and 3D innovation will excel in this competitive business and that our house will have the quality assurance from the company. Thumbs up for the dedication! Keep up the excellent work! Cheers!