My husband and I were in need of an ID when a friend introduce Space Define, Derrick Boh to us. Prior to Space Define, we had spent time exploring several home & design fairs, spoke to close to 10 IDs, each spending approx an hour for discussion. The search was a tiring process as you will meet different kind of IDs, the inexperience type, the need your help to read the floor plan type, the everything also ok type, the ‘in their own world’ type, and the list continues…

When we finally met up with Derrick, he is humble, professional, practical and smart. It also helps when he is able to understand our needs and preferences and show us only ideas that we will like. This saves time. He is very theme oriented and practical, the idea he proposed created more storage spaces in our house.

During the renovation period, we were really concern about the progress as we were hoping to shift in right after our wedding, we made alot of trips to our house and we were glad that the workers have kept our house pretty tidy and clean, rubbish were cleared and our house was never really in a big mess.

At this point of time, you will need a one stop go to person pertaining to your house renovation, you must be able to have good communication with this person, have confidence in this person, as such, we would like to highly recommend Space Define. Our experience with space define was a very pleasant one, Derrick was meticulous and precise in terms of measurement, he will not over promise yet always delivers, needless to say we were in time to shift into our new nest right after our wedding 🙂

It have been 2 months since our renovation completed, we are still in good contact with Derrick as he have taken the effort to wish us well during special occasion and he is still our ‘go to’ person when we need help for other good contacts. Thank you Derrick for your top notch service and me and hub missed your good sense of humor too! 🙂