Would like to share my experience with iChapter. After meeting up with numerous interior designers, my husband and I decided to engage iChapter as Tues and Rey were able to understand the dream home that we were hoping to create and presented good ideas to us. We held high hopes and were convinced that both of them would be able to lead and guide us through this process. What distinguished Tues from the rest is the passion that he has towards his work and his earnestness. Throughout the entire process, Tues was there for us and was always patient in understanding our needs and requirements.

To be honest, the beginning of our journey was rough. There were delays in the design stage and we were provided with reasons such as software issues and insufficient manpower due to staff going on maternity leave. We were definitely disappointed and did not expect this. Tues stepped in to expedite this process and was a great help in enabling us to move forward to the renovation stage.

During the renovation stage, Tues provided us with regular updates and the renovation progressed well. There were small hiccups here and there but were resolved quickly. One downside was that we had to communicate with two people instead of one since our project was handled by two people. But of course, the plus point about having two people was more ideas and perspectives could be offered. However, if both owners are working full-time, it might be preferable to have just one person managing the project so that less time and effort would be required in communication. Tues was responsive in our WhatsApp chat which is crucial for effective communication. Tues was also able to cater to our time and met up with us on a few occasions during weekends for quick discussions on various stages of our renovation.

All in all, although the process was longer than we had hoped, we were able to end on a good note and this would not have been possible without Tues. We are very happy and now live in our dream home. Kudos to Tues!