We have engaged ACE SPACE Design for our House renovation and both my wife and I are extremely pleased with their work. We have since moved into our new place for almost a month and everything is looking good. We would like to compliment ACE SPACE Design especially when our place i.e. the actual product looks very much similar to that being proposed in the 3D drawings.

My Interior Designers are Nick Pang and Zion. Just to mention that Nick was also the interior designer for my Auntie’s place back in 2009 and this was one of the main reasons I have decided to go with him and his team. He was not only able to provide me with a competitive initial quotation, but most importantly through my preliminary discussion, I felt the chemistry as well as the confidence in him and his team to deliver. Nick possesses strong technical knowledge and he was always very attentive and accommodating to our request. During our discussion, he was fast to come up with alternative solutions to cater to our needs as well as budget. He was never once pushy. From the time we first met Nick till he handed the house back to us, he has always been easily reachable via his mobile. Both Nick and Zion updated us regularly on the progress of the renovation. Zion was there most of the times to ensure their contractors are doing the right things and any hiccups are immediately reported to Nick and rectified promptly. Due to work commitments, my wife and I didn’t have the luxury of time so we are really glad Nick and Zion were always around to ensure that the renovation progresses as per schedule. I must say this really took a lot of house renovation stress and burden off our load. Other than the professional services that both of them had provided us, they even went out of their scope to help us in the coordination and delivery of our furniture. So if you ask me, this is the difference between engaging a contractor and having a good interior designer. The support from Nick and Zion had made the house renovation, transition and moving in process more efficient, fast and hassle-free. Most importantly throughout this period, there was no need for both my wife and I to apply for any annual/ urgent leave which is at times impossible or even disruptive to our work.

Even after handover, their service didn’t just end there. Whenever something crops up in terms of minor rectification that needs to be done, Nick is as always easily contactable and promptly sends his contractors to solve the issue. Quote and Un- quote from him “I am not just doing a one-off business with you but rather a long term one.” With that in mind, there is no doubt Nick and his team is a group that is very customer-oriented. So all in all, my wife and I highly recommend ACE SPACE DESIGN for your home renovation. In fact on our end, there is no doubt we will go back to Nick in future! A big word of thanks to both Nick and Zion for their fabulous and great design, on-time handover of our house and of cos not forgetting making this transition so much easier for both of us! – 280B Sengkang Avenue [HDB]