We chanced upon Tues during an event, out of the 3 ID’s we spoke to on that day, he left the best impression. He was able to understand what we wanted to achieve and was really friendly. From the start to the end, Tues was attentive and was open to ideas. We made a few last minute changes, both major and minor. He was patient with all that and handled it well. Once, he personally went to IKEA to help us buy drawers to fit into the kitchen carpentry. So that we will not fall behind the timeline. There were hiccups here and there but he was quick to rectify them.

The look we wanted was industrial rustic, he suggested to put wallpaper to make the whole look more 3D-ish in the living room area. The end result was surprisingly pleasing as we were a little skeptical about wallpaper. His ideas and suggestions for the materials, colours and functionality of the carpentry was well thought out and presented to us in a systematic manner. This was imperative as carpentry takes up a big part of a house renovation. Lights location, type of lights, where to put what furniture, he guided us through our decisions. He also helped to coordinate with all our site visits and some deliveries, this was really helpful as both of has to work. He went out of his job scope as an ID, he was our handyman, contractor, cleaner, shopper and a friend.

All in all, if you are looking for an ID who is friendly, helpful, able to coordinate, have fresh ideas and on the ball. Tues Teh is the man!