A huge thank you to our ID Eleven and Authors for bringing our vision to reality!

Before we met Eleven, my family and I had many ideas in our head but no well-defined direction about how our new apartment should turn out. We actually heard a lot of conflicting suggestions from the many IDs we met. This led to confusion over the feasibility of what could be achieved within our budget.

Therefore it was refreshing to listen to Eleven who was forthright and clear when presenting his work. Instead of saying yes to everything that came to our mind, he was not afraid to shoot down some of our ideas but would always explain to us why and suggest alternatives. This gave the entire project more focus and helped us piece together a much clearer picture of the desired outcome. It was because of this that led us to trust him and decide to go with him as our ID to build our dream home.

As our renovation was done during phase 2 of the post CB period, there were many new regulations and Eleven made sure that all approvals were in place. Throughout the entire renovation process, he handled the project with professionalism and always kept us updated on the progress regularly. This put my family and me at ease especially after hearing horror stories from our friends about how quickly a renovation project can turn sour. We also observed that he was able to communicate his design and vision clearly to all the contractors who also did a good job with their craftsmanship. As with all renovations, small defects were found but Eleven and the builder team were always on the ball to rectify the issues without delay.

Overall, we will strong recommend Eleven and the team at Authors for your design and renovation needs. They have impressed us with their professionalism and quality of work, keep it up!