I would like to thank our ID, Keith Kang for a job well done in designing our beautiful home.

We started our planning in July and was able to move in in December. During the course of 4 months, Keith was competent in helping us envision our home design. We wanted a modern Victorian look and Keith was able to deliver our request.

Keith is also very professional and knowledgeable. He is well prepared for every meetup (brings a laptop to show his ideas, samples, drawings etc) and he is able to answer all our queries. He is also very honest in giving his feedback and we appreciate this very much. It is very easy working with him as he will try his very best to accommodate to our requests as well. We trust him with our house fully as we know he will give his best in ensuring that our house is nothing but the best.

Many of our families and friends are impressed with our house and this is because Keith made it possible. Kudos to Keith for his excellent service.