My wife and I have gone through various reviews and projects online and finally decided to go with Tayllen from Authors due to similar design ideas we have in mind and the great reviews she has garnered over the years.

From the onset, We were very impressed with her knowledge and design ideas. We also noted that she emphasised on our requirements and worked out a suitable design suited for our envisioned theme. This was factoring our tight budget and timeline. Her professionalism and quality standards are top-notch and this shows during our various meetups, from 3D design explanations, site visits, supplier interactions and handing over. She will not accept any works that are of low standard and will pushed for it to be rectified before even showing it to us.

She is also has gone the extra mile by handling our other providers I.e. aircon installer while we are busy at work. She was able to provide opinions based on her previous experiences which helped us a lot on our decision making.

There were also delays caused by late delivery of items by us which she was accommodating and immediately reschedule the project timeline to factor all these delays. There were also times where I was fussy, I.e. wall colour which did not match what I wanted and Tayllen amended it FOC!

Futhermore, there were many times where we had texted her at odd hours for furniture/room advice and she will almost always reply immediately! She was able to share her previous projects and also research on design ideas through WhatsApp and provided advice tailored to our envisioned theme.

Tayllen’s approachable demeanour always put us at ease and she became more of a friend than someone we engaged. People always say that renovation can be a nightmare, but she has definitely made it an enjoyable process! I will definitely recommend her to my friends who are looking out for ID and if I got another home in the future, she will definitely be the one designing it!