Giving our house to someone to help transform your home is a big big responsibility. We have only heard of people giving bad reviews whenever they take a renovation company however in our case it was the total opposite!

We searched and went to a few companies even the established ones only to reject them. We were blessed to come across Chapter 13 Interior, most importantly we instantly accepted it after speaking to Ivan! We knew we could trust him. The Reno started almost immediately and he used to keep us updated every time without us probing him. He created a WhatsApp group and proactively took videos and updated us. Even my colleagues found that cool…

This part I have to mention, while our Reno work was on the process, we lost our dearest Father in law unexpectedly. My Husband and I were not in a position to handle anything related to our house. We didn’t communicate for nearly quite some time, it was this time we realise how reliable Ivan was when he was completing our house Reno without even disturbing us knowing that we were going through a tough time.

I realise then how blessed we were to have engaged Ivan. You are not only an ID to u, but a part of our family already.

Thank you for renovating our house so beautifully, and working within our Budget. Not only the package was affordable there was no hidden cost as well. We bought things from the shop he recommended to us at an affordable price due to all his negotiations! Thank you for always whatapping us and updating us proactively!

We will recommend Ivan to our family and friends! Thank you! We are so grateful! Ivan has exceeded above our expectations, we have a beautiful home now thanks to you #chapter13interior #bestIDever#toohappyforwords