We commissioned Elaine from weiken.com Oxley Hub branch to design and renovate our new flat at Tampines Greenview. Overall, we are happy with the final design layout. There are some workmanship issues during renovation but most of them were resolved quickly whenever we raised a complain to Elaine. After sales service is fantastic, it is now about 1 year after hand over and we are still receiving prompt support and rectification from Elaine whenever there are any issues. We had small groups of friends visiting and they are impressed with the design of our place.
Design –
Overall, we were happy with the design. Elaine understood the rough design we imagined, turning them into realistic artwork that suited our taste. She gave solid suggestions which we thought were insightful.
Elaine provided advise and recommendations on furniture, lighting, toilet accessories, kitchenware which were both aesthetic and practical. Family and friends complimented the glass light hanging above our kitchen island, the bathtub, the platform, the entrance area, etc.
Tough we later realized there were some minor inconveniences due to certain design elements, it is within our acceptable range.
Workmanship –
Overall, the workmanship didn’t impress us. I believe our expectations were very realistic but were disappointed in few areas.
– Carpentry workmanship is fantastic. S+.
– Electrical workmanship is above average.
– Plumbing workmanship is acceptable.
– Flooring, concrete screed and laminate is below average. There are numerous obvious dips and bumps on the floor surface. And now (~1year later) some of the corners are popping up with air gap between the concrete screed layer and laminate.
– Painting workmanship is poor, we were not satisfied. Almost all of the painted wall surface is patchy. Under torch light, none of the wall surface looked homogenous.
– The quartz-top from iQuartz had (and still have) unremovable stains. Didn’t realize until after we signed the take-over.
Project Management
Elaine is very responsive to our calls. The project timeline was well managed and completion of each work milestone was within reasonable timeframe.
There were many many workmanship issues during renovation. Visiting my apartment during the renovation period always ended with a call to Elaine complaining about workmanship issues. She was patient every time and did her best to arrange rectification works.
After-sales Service
Elaine is very responsive whenever we reported issues with our flat during the past year and always arranged rectification asap. Some occasions where we had to activate warranty was –
– the cooker hood has some issues
– a light bulb burned out (less than 1 month)
– another light burned out, the LED driver malfunctioned
– master toilet bathtub plumbing issues
– painting rectification works
Suggesting the renovation workmanship isn’t the most fantastic, but we are reconciled that Elaine’s after sales service is prompt and responsive.
We decided to commission weiken.com after comparing several quotes and considering design elements, quality, engagement with the interior designer and the company’s profile. The pricing was reasonable and competitive against other smaller ID firms.