When my wife and I got our new house, the next step was, well, to renovate the space in it. I never knew of Azrul Yusoff ID and to be honest we contacted other contractors/IDs before this company. Long story short, it’s because of his honesty n passion that we decided to go ahead with his ideas. Honesty is very crucial and I take it very seriously. Throughout the process from beginning to the end, we see his passion through his honesty. In terms of budget wise, ideas, patterns, the do’s and don’ts, the outcome, the workmanship, critical interventions and so on. You name it. We were impressed. Not only was his ideas executed into reality for our house, the fact that he asked for our permission first; now that’s genuine stuff. He always update us on everything that is happening and always listens to us on what we want to know. That is what a genuine designer is supposed to have to win your client’s heart. The communication was a breeze and I would highly recommend Azrul Yusoff Interior Studio to my colleagues. Keep doing what you are doing. God bless.