LOME is the 2nd renovation company, that me & my hub went to in mid December 2019, and being attended to, by ID Marvin Koh.

What made us didn’t scout for any other ID thereafter, was firstly, the quotation given to us is reasonably priced and well within our budget 👌

Also, the way Marvin explained to us the various works to be done in the entire process with great details and depth, bought us over! ☺️

Throughout the renovation process, though they are pretty much some hiccups here and there, all in all, I would like to thank Marvin for his utmost patience and accountability 😊

He will sincerely hear you out when there are things done not the way you expect it to be. He is also very responsive and swift to rectify any glitches. Very accomodating as well, as during the renovation works, there are a number of things which we had to change so that the entire landscape will blend in with the materials chosen, right from the cabinet colour, to the toilet doors, painting etc. The impeccable friendliness with which he attends to your queries. Communicating with him is a such breeze 😉

Appreciate his honest assessment on himself as well, when being asked on how he had fared so far during the course of renovation 👍😄

Basically, Marvin is the kind of ID that grows on you. Kind, nice and very service-oriented 😊Will definitely recommend LOME to other family members and friends 👌😊